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Oklahoma Highlighted Projects

Project TitlePrimary InvestigatorFunded Fiscal YearStatus Southern Plains Climate
Science Webinars
and others
Evaluating the Impacts of Potential Wastewater Reuse on Streams in the Red River Basin of OklahomaJason Vogel (University of Oklahoma)2021In ProgressNA
Building Tools to Assess Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources of the Canadian River BasinNewakis Weber (Chickasaw Nation)2020In ProgressNA
Research Symposium: Culturally Significant Plants and Climate ChangeApril Taylor (Chickasaw Nation)2019In ProgressResearch Symposium Presented by The Chickasaw Nation, March 22-24, 2022, Sulphur, OK
Evaluation of Sustainable Water Availability in Drought Prone Watersheds in Southeastern OklahomaWayne Kellogg (The Chickasaw Nation)2017CompletedNA

Other webinars of interest to Oklahoma:

January 29, 2020 – Towards Sustainable Water Management: Identifying Conservation Priorities, Data Needs and Barriers to Implementing Environmental Flows in the Red River Basin by Sean Wineland, University of Oklahoma.

February 12, 2020 – New Insights into the Complex Drivers of Hydrometeorological and Hydroclimatological Extremes in the Great Plains of the United States by Dr. Jeff Basara, University of Oklahoma.

August 14, 2019 – Regional Climate and Soil Health Management: Delivering Science-based Climate Services at the USDA Southern Plains Climate Hub by Caitlin Rottler, USDA Southern Plains Climate Hub

October 9, 2019 – Whither the 100th Meridian? The Once and Future Physical and Human Geography of America’s Arid-Humidity Divide by Richard Seager, Columbia University

December 4, 2019 – The Conservation Conundrum of Grassland Ecosystems in a Changing World by Sam Fuhlendorf, Oklahoma State University