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Resilient Coastal Ecosystems

Our Goals

Identify stakeholders and/or partners

Identify funding sources

Research Themes/Knowledge Gaps.

Identify gaps in our Community of Practice

Find ways to make research projects in the Gulf of Mexico more relevant for the rest of the US and the world.

Our Team

Kristine DeLong, Louisiana State University (Co-Lead)

Kory Konsoer, Louisiana State University (Co-Lead)

Mike Polito, Louisiana State University

Brian Roberts, Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium

Giulio Mariotti, Louisiana State University

Megan LaPeyre, USGS

Paola López-Duarte, UNC Charlotte

Beth Middleton, USGS, WARC

Charles W Martin, University of Florida

Fiala Bumpers, Texas A&M University

James Nelson, University of Louisiana Lafayette

Sarah Lehnen, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Project Milestones

This team was created at the Fall 2021 science meeting.