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Region-wide Highlighted Projects

Discover Projects that span the South Central Region and Beyond Connecting with Pollinators | Ecosystem Vulnerability Assessment | False Springs | Climate Change & Land Use Time To Restore: Connecting People, Plants and Pollinators Primary Investigator: Erin Posthumus (University of Arizona) Funded Fiscal Year: 2021 Status: In Progress Assessing Vulnerability […]


Louisiana Highlighted Projects

Discover our Louisiana funded projects Resilient Oyster Populations | River Management & Salt Marsh Restoration Coastal Wetlands Carbon sequestration | Wetland Migration A Roadmap for Developing Resilient Coastal Shellfish Populations: Using Spatial and Process-Based Modelling for Restoration Under Current and Predicted Future Water Quality Conditions Primary Investigator: Megan La Peyre (U.S. […]


Oklahoma Highlighted Projects

Project Title Primary Investigator Funded Fiscal Year Status Southern Plains Climate Science Webinars and others Evaluating the Impacts of Potential Wastewater Reuse on Streams in the Red River Basin of Oklahoma Jason Vogel (University of Oklahoma) 2021 In Progress NA Building Tools to Assess Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources of […]


Texas Highlighted Projects

Discover Projects that span across Texas Edwards Aquifer Dependent Species | Migratory Landbirds | Red River Planning Tool | Rapid Rainfall & Freshwater Mussels Assessing Future Climate Impacts on Threatened and Endangered Groundwater Dependent Species in the Edwards Aquifer Region Primary Investigator: Ali Mirchi (Oklahoma State University)Funded Fiscal Year: 2021Status: In […]


New Mexico Highlighted Projects, Listening Sessions, and Webinars

*Click on the project title to read more. Project Title PrimaryIvestigator Funded Fiscal Year Status Southern Plains Climate Science Webinars and others Understanding New Paradigms for “Environmental Flows” and Water Allocation in the Middle Rio Grande River Basin in a Changing Climate Ali Mirchi (Oklahoma State University) 2019 In Progress June […]