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Climate Adaptation & Vulnerability Assessment Resources

Native Nations Climate Adaptation Resources

The South Central CASC works with Native Americans in the region due to their in-depth understanding of special ecosystems and environments. Read more about Tribal engagement and collaboration with the South Central CASC below.

Tribal Vulnerability Assessment Resources

Follow the link below for training materials relating to climate vulnerability assessments and how to implement these tools within communities.

Climate Vulnerability Assessment Training

Tribal Climate Change Planning Initiative

This is the result of five VA’s completed for Ft. Sill Apache Tribe; Otoe-Missouria Nation; Potawatomi Nation; Kaw Nation; Wichita & Affiliated Tribes.

Nature Serve

Biodiversity scientists dedicated to providing the knowledge & support of conservation for better decision making.

GLIFWC’s Climate Change Plan

This website defines the extent of climate change to the Ceded Territories and how to co-manage treaty resources.

Climate Impacts on Tribes

VA completed by the University of Washington’s Climate Impact Group.

Tribal Climate Health

A resource for tools and information on how tribal leaders can protect communities from the health impacts of a changing climate.

Community Resilience Planning Guide

A detailed approach on resilience planning, based on specific community needs.

Gulf Coast Vulnerability Assessment

The complete guide written to assist with future restoration and conservation projects aimed at the Gulf Coast. See also the Landscape Conservation Cooperation Network.

Heat Vulnerability

Heat tool used to predict the amount if heat related illnesses given the daily temperatures.

Tribal Adaptation Planning Resources

This site aims to help you stay current on information regarding climate science events, funding opportunities, best practices, and highlights from across the USET region and Indian country overall. Go to USET for more information!

Tribal Climate Adaptation Guidebook

Designed by the Oregon Climate Change Research Institute, the guidebook is for planning at any stage.

Climate Change Response Framework

Scientists aimed at collaborating with stakeholders on land management, especially for forest protection.

Adaptation Plan for Sea Level Rise

This plan is designed for the Chitimacha Tribe in Louisiana.

Pacific Northwest Tribal Climate Change Project

Find out how the Tribes in the the NW part of the United States are assessing and planning for climate change.

Lessons in Climate Change Adaptation

Summary of lessons learned from Tribal innovations.

ITEP Tribes & Climate Change Program

Established by the Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals to provide support for climate change planning.

National Wildlife Federation

Group efforts on conservation in a rapidly changing climate.

Kewa Pueblo Vulnerability Assessment

Learn more about the New Mexico Kewa Pueblo’s adaptation planning strategies for a changing climate.

Summary Report of Oklahoma’s Climate Adaptation Plan

A summary of the latest meeting from Oklahoma on adaptation planning.