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Climate Variability & Adaptation

Climate Variability

State Climate Summaries of Our Region

Below are summaries on how a changing climate could impact states in the South Central regions. To learn more about other states, visit State Climate Summaries.

Additional Information on Climate Variability

Climate Adaptation

Planning & Adaptation Tools

There are more ways to adapt to a variable and changing climate than could be described on a single page, but this is where decision makers, communities and individuals can begin. To help you start your climate planning & adaptation process, we have provided a few tools.

SCIPP Planning Tool

The Southern Climate Impacts Planning Program (SCIPP) has helpful resources for learning about climate adaptation. Click below for the latest SCIPP resources. Also from Cake.org: Extremes to Ex-Streams: Ecological Drought Adaptation in a Changing Climate

CAKE Adaptation Tool

Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (CAKE) is the perfect way to get started on learning about climate adaptation! Explore topics, regions or adaptation phases and share lessons or ideas with others in the field.

Photo: Courtesy of Cake.org

Climate Interpreter

The Climate Interpreter & Climate Blog, is an excellent resource for those looking to learn more about a changing climate through collaboration and communications.

Additional Planning & Adaptation Resources

Advancing the National Fish, Wildlife, and Plants Climate Adaptation Strategy into a New Decade

This is a national and government climate adaptation strategy for ecosystems affected by climate change from the Department of the Interior and Council on Enviornmental Quality. A quick snapshot of the details in this document are outlined in the following three summary docs:


Management Recommendations

Indigenous Knowledge

Tools for Climate Adaptation Planning

This resource should assist you with finding the best strategy to start the adaptation planning process.

Lessons in Climate Change Adaptation

A summary of lessons learned from Tribal innovations related to climate change adaptation.

Approaches to Working with Climate Adaptation in U.S. National Parks

Information on how to work with climate adaptation tools in the U.S. National Parks.

Siting Wind Right for Wildlife

Read up on how farmers in Osage County are adapting to a changing climate.

Resist-Accept-Direct (RAD) Framework

This is a report geared for 21st century resource managers planning to adapt forward-looking actions in the wake of climate change.

Social Vulnerability & Adaptive Capacity

When beginning to plan, consider the social aspects and impacts of climate variability. This paper from the United States Department of Agriculture gives insight into the key details of social vulnerability. 

Using Information from Global Climate Models to Inform Policymaking

A report by CASC researchers and partners provides an overview of global climate models in a risk management context and how it will be used. 

Climate Change Scenario Planning for Resource Stewardship

This report explains scenario planning as a climate change adaptation tool in general and then applies it to a specific case.

Resilient Land Mapping Tool

Resilient lands and waters shown on this map may be conserved by a wide range of measures from good land stewardship, to other forms of private land conservation, to outright fee or easement acquisition by various levels of government.

Assessing Vulnerability

A collaborative piece on the assessment vulnerability to climate change is recommended for better  prepare for adaptation planning.

New Mexico Earth Matters

New Mexico’s climate is changing fast. However, the current trends in temperature and snowpack represent a new climate phenomenon. This paper discusses the future climate of New Mexico.

Implications of Climate Change for the Water Supply of the Chisos Mountains Developed Area

Read more from the National Park Service on the Big Bend area.

Gulf Tree Case Studies Library

A database of resources linking to different climate adaptation tools.

Historic and Future Trends of Extreme Weather in Texas

This report and the 2021 Update analyze historic observations of temperature, precipitation, and extreme weather in Texas and identifies ongoing and likely future trends out to the year 2036.

Streamflow Response to Potential Changes in Climate – Upper Rio Grande

Explore potential changes in streamflow based on future climate projections from the South Central CASC.