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Climate Projections

Climate Projection Maps

The South Central Climate Adaptation Science Center is pleased to release high-resolution temperature and precipitation climate projections for the south-central United States. Projection maps are viewable on the pages linked below. The resolution of these maps is 10km x 10km and is available for both mid-century and end-of-century time periods.

These climate projection data products are provided as is without any warranty and no agreement to support subsequent projects based on this dataset, beyond providing the data to public domain through the USGS GeoData Portal.

Got questions about these climate projections? Contact us: info@southcentralclimate.org

Climate Projections FAQ

Wondering what climate projections are or how scientists are able to project a future climate? Follow the link below to become familiar with the process of creating climate projections.

About the C-PrEP Dataset

Global climate models (GCMs) are research tools used to simulate our planet’s complex climate system. However, how these climate systems interact on earth is not well understood. In an effort to improve this knowledge gap, GCMs are used to look at past and future climate conditions at the global and regional levels. To address biases from the GCMs on a local scale, the South Central Climate Projections Evaluation Project (C-PrEP) uses a tool called statistical downscaling (SD), which can see finer details in future climate projections of temperature and rainfall in the South-Central U.S.

Data citation: Dixon K.W., A.M. Wootten, M.J. Nath, J. Lanzante,  D.J. Adams-Smith, C.E. Whitlock, C.F. Gaitán, R.A. McPherson, 2020: South Central Climate Projections Evaluation Project (C-PrEP), South Central Climate Adaptation Science Center, Norman, Oklahoma, USA. DOI: https://doi.org/10.21429/12gk-dh47  

To read the full text on C-PrEP and their objectives, click below:

Request Additional Climate Projections

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Raw Climate Projection Data