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Region-wide Highlighted Projects

Discover Projects that span the South Central Region and Beyond Connecting with Pollinators | Ecosystem Vulnerability Assessment | False Springs | Climate Change & Land Use Time To Restore: Connecting People, Plants and Pollinators Primary Investigator: Erin Posthumus (University of Arizona) Funded Fiscal Year: 2021 Status: In Progress Assessing Vulnerability […]


Louisiana Highlighted Projects

Discover our Louisiana funded projects Resilient Oyster Populations | River Management & Salt Marsh Restoration Coastal Wetlands Carbon sequestration | Wetland Migration A Roadmap for Developing Resilient Coastal Shellfish Populations: Using Spatial and Process-Based Modelling for Restoration Under Current and Predicted Future Water Quality Conditions Primary Investigator: Megan La Peyre (U.S. […]


Oklahoma Highlighted Projects and Webinars

DISCOVER PROJECTS THAT SPAN ACROSS OKLAHOMA Impact of Wastewater Reuse | Canadian River Basin Water Resources Tools | Culturally Significant Plants Symposium | Southeastern OK Water Availability Evaluating the Impacts of Potential Wastewater Reuse on Streams in the Red River Basin of Oklahoma Primary Investigator: Jason Vogel (University of Oklahoma)Funded Fiscal […]


Texas Highlighted Projects

Discover projects that span across Texas Edwards Aquifer Dependent Species | Migratory Landbirds | Red River Planning Tool | Rapid Rainfall & Freshwater Mussels Assessing Future Climate Impacts on Threatened and Endangered Groundwater Dependent Species in the Edwards Aquifer Region Primary Investigator: Ali Mirchi (Oklahoma State University)Funded Fiscal Year: 2021Status: In […]


New Mexico Highlighted Projects, Listening Sessions, and Webinars

Discover projects that span across the Rio Grande and New Mexico Rio Grande Environmental Flows | Mapping Conservation Efforts | Assessing Adaptation Strategies | Wildfire Impacts On Snow Water | Soil Moisture & Wildfire Probability Click here to access the New Mexico Funded Projects handout. Webinars: June 5, 2019 – Implications of […]