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Texas Highlighted Projects

Project TitlePrimary
Funded Fiscal YearStatus Southern Plains Climate
Science Webinars
and others
Assessing Future Climate Impacts on Threatened and Endangered Groundwater Dependent Species in the Edwards Aquifer RegionAli Mirchi (Oklahoma State University)2021In ProgressNA
A Roadmap for Developing Resilient Coastal Shellfish Populations: Using Spatial and Process-Based Modelling for Restoration Under Current and Predicted Future Water Quality ConditionMegan La Peyre (U.S. Geological Survey, Louisiana Fish and Wildlife Cooperative Research Unit)2021In Progress
Assessing the Impacts of Rapid Rainfall Shifts (“Whiplashes” and “Boomerangs”) on Freshwater Mussels in Central TexasElinor Martin (University of Oklahoma)2019In Progress
Enhancing the Capacity of Coastal Wetlands to Adapt to Sea-Level Rise and Coastal Development​Michael J Osland (USGS Wetland and Aquatic Research Center)2016CompletedNA

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Other webinars of interest to Texas:

May 12, 2022 – Assessing Climate Variability & Adaptation Strategies for the Rio Grande Basin by Dr. Samuel Sandoval Solis.