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Managing for a Changing Climate

Managing for a Changing Climate is a set of free online, self-paced courses offered by the South Central Climate Adaptation Science Center. These courses provide an integrative understanding of the components of the climate system including the range of natural climate variability and external drivers of climate change, in addition to the impacts of a changing climate on multiple sectors such as the economy, policy, ecosystems, and indigenous populations. Guest instructors represent the South Central Climate Adaptation Science Center research and stakeholder networks and share their expertise on specific course topics. Visit our Story Map to learn more about the history and success of the course series.

We are excited to release our redesigned Managing for a Changing Climate course series for the 2023-2024 offering. The updated series includes three courses packed with new learning activities and bonus material:

A Brief Introduction to Climate Change (offered Fall and Spring)
– Recognize the difference between natural and human-driven climate change
– Describe how climate change impacts people and/or nature
– Recognize the benefits of climate modeling

Deeper Dive into Monitoring and Modeling Climate Change (offered Fall)
– Recognize the difference climate assessment and monitoring efforts
– Describe the difference climate model downscaling methods
– Access historical and future climate data
– Interpret climate projections

Deeper Dive into Climate Impacts and Adaptation (offered Spring)
– Recognize different components of the climate system
– Describe system feedback
– Explain vulnerability
– Describe the adaptation planning process

Registration for the 2023-2024 course year is closed.
Check back in late summer 2024 for dates and registration for the 2024-2025 course year!

Managing for a Changing Climate Video Playlists