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Training for Sagebrush Conservation Practitioners

Climate Change and Climate Adaptation Training for Sagebrush Conservation Practitioners

North American sagebrush ecosystems are a regional priority of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS). The FWS Science Applications Program is working in partnership with multiple USGS Climate Adaptation Science Centers (CASCs), including the South Central CASC, Northwest CASC, North Central CASC, and Southwest CASC, and Boise State University, to develop a training series for sagebrush conservation practitioners. These trainings will begin in February 2024 with a self-paced introductory course, a series of virtual classrooms, and an in-person workshop in May 2024.

Following is an outline of materials and recordings from this training series for review and continued use by practitioners.

The primary focus for this training is the sagebrush systems of Interior Regions (IR) 1, 6, and 8. However, much of the training is relevant across the sagebrush habitats in the U.S.  

Virtual Classroom Sessions

A Brief Introduction to Climate Change for Sagebrush Ecosystems
A self-paced, online climate course designed for sagebrush managers.
Link to video playlist

Sagebrush and Climate Change Overview
Virtual classroom hosted on March 20, 2024
1. Our Changing Climate | Link to slides | Link to recording
2. Impacts on Drought | Link to slides | Link to recording
3. Consequences for Disturbances | Link to slides | Link to recording
4. Implications for Sagebrush Vegetation | Link to slides | Link to recording

Sagebrush-associated Wildlife Vulnerabilities to Climate Change
Virtual classroom hosted on April 4, 2024
Link to the session recording
1. Vulnerability Assessments and Adaptive Capacity | Link to slides
2. Pygmy Rabbits Case Study | Link to slides
3. Sage-grouse Case Study | Link to slides

Introduction to Climate Tools
Virtual classroom hosted on April 30, 2024
1. Using Climate Adaptation Tools | Link to slides | Link to recording
2. The Climate Toolbox | Link to recording
3. Land Treatment Exploration Tool | Link to recording
4. Strategies for Seed Transfer & Assisted Migration | Link to slides | Link to recording

Interpreting Climate Models and Projections
Virtual classroom hosted on May 8, 2024
1. Incorporating Future Climate Projections Into Adaptation Planning | Link to slides | Link to recording
2. Interactive Activity (not recorded)

In-person Climate Adaptation Workshop

Save the Date: May 21-22, 2024 in Boise, ID
This in-person workshop will bring together all the pieces of our training series from the basics of climate change to on-the-ground example of successful adaptation practices. Participants engaging in the in-person workshop will be presented with additional information about vulnerability assessments, assessing future climate conditions, and identifying adaptation strategies. As part of the experience, participants will walk through an interactive activity developed by experts from the CASCs, FWS, NPS, and USGS that focuses on the climate adaptation planning process and introduces new ways of thinking about the challenges they face.
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