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Publications of 2018

South Central CASC Publications: 2018

Community Resilience to Drought Hazard in the South-Central United States

Precipitation Dynamical Downscaling over the Great Plains

Mangrove Canopy Height Globally Related to Precipitation, Temperature and Cyclone Frequency

Mangrove Forests in a Rapidly Changing World: Global Change Impacts and Conservation Opportunities Along the Gulf of Mexico Coast

Recording Tropical Cyclone Activity from 1909 – 2014 Along the Northern Gulf of Mexico Using Maritime Slash Pine Trees (Pinus elliottii var. elliottii Englem)

Do Downscaled General Circulation Models Reliably Simulate Historical Climatic Conditions?

Observed Changes in Climate and Streamflow in the Upper Rio Grande Basin

Climate and Plant Controls on Soil Organic Matter in Coastal Wetlands

Estimating the Natural Flow Regime of Rivers with Long-Standing Development: The Northern Branch of the Rio Grande

Fire and Climate Suitability for Woody Vegetation Communities in the South-Central U.S.

Synthesizing Models Useful for Ecohydrology and Ecohydraulic Approaches: An Emphasis on Integrating Models to Address Complex Research Questions

Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Mapping in Coastal Louisiana Through Development of a Spatial Likelihood Occurence (SLOO) Model

Landward Migration of Tidal Saline Wetlands with Sea-Level Rise and Urbanization: A Comparison of Northern Gulf of Mexico Estuaries

The Subtle Processes in Statistical Downscaling and the Potential Uncertainty

Assessing Decision Timing and Seasonal Climate Forecast needs of Winter Wheat Producers in the South-Central U.S.

Warming Increases the Sensitivity of Seedling Growth Capacity to Rainfall in Six Temperate Deciduous Tree Species

Predicting Soil Carbon Loss with Warming