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  • SC CSC Researchers Seeking Freshwater Conservation Postdoctoral Associate

    9.01.2017 (Fri)

    The OU Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability is seeking a postdoctoral researcher. The selected candidate would join an interdisciplinary… Read More »

  • Travel Grants Available for Postdocs and Students Attending AGU, AAAS, AMS, or AAG

    8.28.2017 (Mon)

    Are you a student or postdoc looking to enhance your career by attending the AAAS, AMS, AGU, or AAG conference… Read More »

  • SC CSC Hires Assistant Sustainability Scientist to Lead New Mexico Tribal Programs

    8.28.2017 (Mon)


    We would like to extend a warm welcome to the newest member of our South Central… Read More »

Research Highlight

Developing Effective Drought Monitoring Tools for Farmers and Ranchers in the South Central U.S.

9.01.2017 (Fri)

The South Central U.S. is one of the main agricultural regions in North America: annual agricultural production is valued at $44 billion dollars. In this working landscape, private landowners and producers are critical partners in drought mitigation and management. As climate conditions change, the region is expected to experience more frequent and severe droughts which will impact agriculture.

This South Central CSC-funded project sheds light on what kinds of drought information farmers and ranchers use, evaluates several drought indicators based on their effectiveness in the region, and explores a new indicator based on soil moisture as an option for drought management.

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Report: Local Drought Management: How Counties and Parishes in the South Central U.S. Use Drought Information

Photo Credit: USDA

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