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  • Undergraduate Interns Brush up on their Climate Knowledge in Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma

    8.08.2017 (Tue)

    The next generation of environmental professionals will require a familiarity with climate issues to rise to the challenges they pose.… Read More »

  • Taking Wetland Adaptation Science on a Road Trip

    6.09.2017 (Fri)


    Sea Level Rise and the Future of Wetlands

    Putting science on the ground sometimes means hitting… Read More »

  • CSCs Lead Climate Projection Training at National Adaptation Forum

    5.22.2017 (Mon)

    The National Adaptation Forum

    This year’s National Adaptation Forum took place in St. Paul, Minnesota. Participants hailed from across the… Read More »

Research Highlight

Modeling the Effects of Climate and Land Use Change on Crucial Wildlife Habitat

6.30.2017 (Fri)

Planning for conservation in an uncertain climate future requires tools that allow managers to visualize the impacts of climate variability on individual species. Researchers at New Mexico State University, the New Mexico Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, and NOAA’s Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory addressed this need by comparing what is known about the climate needs of 20 key species with future climate projections. The resulting maps and data are in the process of being integrated into the publicly available New Mexico CHAT (Critical Habitat Assessment Tool). 

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We are a regional partnership of researchers, land managers, and tribes working collaboratively to develop science that addresses climate impacts on natural and human communities.