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Cultural Resources

Cultural Resources

Information on Cultural Resources

U.S. Department of Interior: Climate Change

A collection of resources gathered for management of and planning for a changing climate.

Ice Path Archaeology Project

Completed from Glacier National Park in Montana, this project is a collection of protocols from tribal experts.

“Speak for the Trees” (Video)

COP 21- Indigenous Peoples and Cultural Heritage Efforts

Living Landscapes: Culture, Climate Science & Education in Tribal and Native Communities

A comprehensive set of culture based climate science educational resources for Native Communities.

Vulnerability of Cultural Heritage to Climate Change

Report from Europe.

National Landmarks at Risk (2014)

A report from Union of Concerned Scientists on the impacts of sea level rise and wildfires threatening historic landmarks.

Article: Seminole Tribune on Climate Change

Information on a summit discussing sea level rise on Florida’s archaeological & cultural resources.

Documents related to Cultural Resources

Hazard mitigation planning is the process of determining how to reduce or eliminate the loss of life and property damage from either natural disasters or those created by human beings. Read more here.

As the climate continues to change, rising sea-levels from melting glaciers is a concern, threatening the human population worldwide. But with preparation and understanding of this reality, steps can be made to adapt. Click here to read more.

Native Films on Climate Change