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Publications on Aquatic Ecosystems & Wildlife

The Future of Reef Ecosystems in the Gulf of Mexico: Insights from Coupled Climate Model Simulations and Ancient Hot-House Reefs

Saving our Marine Archives

Mangrove Forests in a Rapidly Changing World: Global Change Impacts and Conservation Opportunities Along the Gulf of Mexico Coast

Establishing a Baseline of Estuarine Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Resources Across Salinity Zones Within Coastal Areas of the Northern Gulf of Mexico

Refining Temperature Reconstructions with the Atlantic Coral Siderastrea Siderea

Biogeochemical Cycles: Global Approaches and Perspectives

Predicting Landscape Effects of Mississippi River Diversions on Soil Organic Carbon Sequestration

Broad-Scale Relationships Between Shorebirds and Landscapes in the Southern Great Plains

Groundwater Influences on the Distribution and Abundance of Riverine Smallmouth Bass, Micropterus Dolomieu, in Pasture Landscapes of the Midwestern United States

Spatio-Temporal Variations in Age Structures of a Partially Re-Established Population of Norther River Otters (Lontra Canadensis)

Assessment of Freshwater Fish Assemblages and Their Habitats in the National Park Service System of the Southeastern United States

Fishing Warmwater Streams with Limited Public Access: Angling Behavior, Economic Impact, and the Role of Guadalupe Bass in a Twenty-Four County Region of Texas

Barriers to and Opportunities for Landward Migration of Coastal Wetlands with Sea-Level Rise

Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Mapping in Coastal Louisiana Through Development of a Spatial Likelihood Occurence (SLOO) Model

Landward Migration of Tidal Saline Wetlands with Sea-Level Rise and Urbanization: A Comparison of Northern Gulf of Mexico Estuaries

Seasonal Habitat Shifts by Benthic Fishes in Headwater Streams

Mangrove Leaf Species-Specific Isotopic Signatures Along a Salinity and Phosphorous Soil Fertility Gradients in a Subtropical Estuary

The Life of P: A Biogeochemical and Sociopolitical Challenge in the Everglades

The Impact of Biophysical Processes on Sediment Transport in the Wax Lake Delta (Louisiana, USA)

Stress Gradients Interact with Disturbance to Reveal Alternative States in Salt Marsh: Multivariate Resilience at the Landscape Scale

Assessing Chlorophyll a Spatiotemporal Patterns Combining In Situ Continuous Fluorometry Measurements and Landsat 8/OLI Data Across the Barataria Basin (Louisiana, USA)

Estuarine Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Habitat Provides Organic Carbon Storage Across a Shifting Landscape

Mangrove Canopy Height Globally Related to Precipitation, Temperature and Cyclone Frequency

Long-Term Demography and Stem Productivity of Everglades Mangrove Forests (Florida, USA): Resistance to Hurricane Disturbance

Analysis of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Resources Across the Northern Gulf of Mexico: Communities and Biomass

Abundance and Phenology Patterns of Two Pond-Breeding Salamanders Determine Species Interactions in Natural Populations

Productivity and Carbon Dynamics in Mangrove Wetlands

Effects of Projected Climate (2011-50) on Karst Hydrology and Species Vulnerability-Edwards Aquifer South-Central Texas, and Madison Aquifer, Western South Dakota

Scaling Mangrove Aboveground Biomass from Site-Level to Continental-Scale

Climate Forcing of Wetland Landscape Connectivity in the Great Plains

Spatiotemporal Scaling of North American Continental Interior Wetlands: Implications for Shorebird Conservation

Invasive Zebra Mussels (Driessena Polymorpha) and Asian Clams (Corbicula Fluminea) Survive Gut Passage of Migratory Fish Species: Implications for Dispersal

Species’ Traits and Environmental Gradients Interact to Govern Primary Production in Freshwater Mussel Communities

Hurricanes Fertilize Mangrove Forests in the Gulf of Mexico (Florida Everglades, USA)

Establishing a Baseline of Estuarine Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Resources Across Salinity Zones Within Coastal Areas of the Northern Gulf of Mexico

Quantifying Seining Detection Probability for Fishes of Great Plains Sand-Bed Rivers

The Revolution of Crossdating in Marine Paleoecology and Paleoclimatology

Developing Environmental Flow Recommendations for Freshwater Mussels Using the Biological Traits of Species Guilds

Mangrove Wetland Productivity and Carbon Stocks in an Arid Zone of the Gulf of California (La Paz Bay, Mexico)

Data for Wetlandscapes and Their Changes Around the World

Hotspots of Species Loss do Not Vary Future Climate Scenarios in a Drought-Prone River Basin

Hydroperiod and Salinity Interactions Control Mangrove Root Dynamics in a Karstic Oceanic Island in the Caribbean Sea (San Andres, Colombia

Emerging Wetlands from River Diversions can Sustain High Denitrification Rates in a Coastal Delta

Hydro‑Climatic Changes of Wetlandscapes Across the World

Multi-Species Coral Sr/Ca-Based Sea-Surface Temperature Reconstruction using Orbicella Faveolata and Siderastrea Siderea from the Florida Straits

Mangrove Ecosystems: A Global Biogeographic Perspective

Brackish Marsh Zones as a Waterfowl Habitat Resource in Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Beds in the Northern Gulf of Mexico

Effects of Tannin Source and Concentration From Tree Leaves on Two Species of Tadpoles

Assessment of Everglades Mangrove Forest Resilience: Implications for Above-Ground Net Primary Productivity and Carbon Dynamics

Historical & Projected Climate (1901-2050) and Hydrologic Response of Karst Aquifers, and Species Vulnerability in South-Central Texas and Western South Dakota

Delineation of Marsh Types of the Texas Coast from Corpus Christi Bay to the Sabine River in 2010

Seed Bank Responses to Wetland Restoration: Do Restored Wetlands Resemble Reference Conditions Following Sediment Removal?

Developing a Hydrogeomorphic Wetland Inventory: Reclassifying National Wetlands Inventory Polygons in Geographic Information Systems

Importance of Tributary Streams for Rainbow Trout Reproduction: Insights from a Small Stream in Georgia and a Bi-Genomic Approach

Impacts of Species Addition and Species Loss on Ecosystem Function in Freshwater Systems

Effects of Tannin Source and Concentration from Tree Leaves on Two Species of Tadpoles

Mangrove Expansion and Contraction at a Poleward Range Limit: Climate Extremes and Land-Ocean Temperature Gradients

Climate and Plant Controls on Soil Organic Matter in Coastal Wetlands

Mangrove Biogeochemistry at Local to Global Scales Using Ecogeomorphic Approaches

Wetland Biomass and Productivity in Coastal Louisiana: Base Line Data (1976-2015) and Knowledge Gaps for the Development of Spatially Explicit Models for Ecosystem Restoration and Rehabilitation Initiatives

Microbial Mediated Sedimentary Phosphorus Mobilization in Emerging and Eroding Wetlands of Coastal Louisiana

Tropical Ocean Hydroclimate and Temperature from Coral Archives

Modeling Soil Porewater Salinity in Mangrove Forests (Everglades, Florida, USA) Impacted by Hydrological Restoration and a Warming Climate

Evaluating a Steady-State Model of Soil Accretion in Everglades Mangroves (Florida, USA)

Late Pleistocene Baldcypress (Taxodium distichum) Forest Deposit in the Continental Shelf of the Northern Gulf of Mexico

Tropical Cyclones Cumulatively Control Regional Carbon Fluxes in Everglades Mangrove Wetlands (Florida, USA)