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Publications of 2019

South Central CASC Publications: 2019

Standardizing the Surge of Paleoclimate Data

Impacts to Wildlife of Wind Energy Siting and Operation in the United States

Species-Specific and Temporal Scale-Dependent Response of Birds to Drought

Review of Indicators for Comparing Environmental Impacts Across Energy Sources

Northern Bobwhite (Colinus Virginianus) Space use Minimally Affected by Oil and Gas Development

Interactive Effect of Meteorological Drought and Vegetation Types on Root Zone Soil Moisture and Runoff in Rangeland Watersheds

Evapotranspiration Partitioning in Dryland Ecosystems: A Global Meta-Analysis of In-Situ Studies

Female Greater Prairie-Chicken Response to Energy Development and Rangeland Management

Biases in the Literature on Direct Wildlife Mortality from Energy Development

Incorporating Forests, Agriculture, and Energy Consumption in the Framework of the Environmental Kuznets Curve: A Dynamic Panel Data Approach

Thermal Refuge Affects Space Use and Movement of a Large-Bodied Galliform

Remote Sensing as the Foundation for High-Resolution United States Landscape Projections- The Land Change Monitoring, Assessment and Projections

The accuracy of Ecological Flow Metrics Derived Using a Physics-Based Distributed Rainfall-Runoff Model in the Great Plains

Conceptual Modeling for Improved Understanding of the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo Socio-Environmental System

The Ecological and Economic Determinants of Eastern Redcedar (Juniperus Virginiana) Encroachment in Grassland and Forested Ecosystems: A Case Study from Oklahoma

Linking Landscapes and People-Projecting the Future of the Great Plains

Taxodium Distichum (baldcypress) Growth Rings Reveal Origins of an 18th Century Jesuit Plantation, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Mangrove Biogeochemistry at Local to Global Scales Using Ecogeomorphic Approaches

Vulnerability of Coastal Resort Cities to Mean Sea Level Rise in the Mexican Caribbean

Wetland Biomass and Productivity in Coastal Louisiana: Base Line Data (1976-2015) and Knowledge Gaps for the Development of Spatially Explicit Models for Ecosystem Restoration and Rehabilitation Initiatives

Plant Diversity and Fertilizer Management Shape the Belowground Microbiome of Native Grass Bioenergy Feedstocks

Short-Term Thermal Acclimation of Dark Respiration is Greater in Non-Photosynthetic than in Photosynthetic Tissues

Mangrove Wetland Productivity and Carbon Stocks in an Arid Zone of the Gulf of California (La Paz Bay, Mexico)

The Life of P: A Biogeochemical and Sociopolitical Challenge in the Everglades

Hourly Rainfall Climatology of Louisiana

Between Drought and Disparity: American Indian Farmers, Resource Bureaucracy, and Climate Vulnerability in the Southern Plains

Making Sense of Local Climate Projections

Invasion Promotes Invasion: Facilitation of C3 Perennial Grass Dominance in Mixed C3/C4 Grassland by an Invasive C3 Woody Sprouter

A Methodology to Assess the National and Regional Impacts of Wind Energy Development on Birds and Bats

Climate Affects Plant-Soil Feedbacks of Native and Invasive Grasses: Negative Feedbacks in Stable but not Variable Environments

Rangeland Vulnerability to State Transition Under Global Climate Change

Determinants of Perceived Risk and Liability Concerns Associate with Prescribed Burning in the United States

Bioclimatic Envelopes for Individual Demographic Events Driven by Extremes: Plant Mortality from Drought and Warming

Landscape Heterogeneity Influences the Response of Grassland Birds to Energy Development

Establishment of Quercus Marilandica Muenchh and Juniperus Virginiana L. in the Tallgrass Prairie of Oklahoma, USA Increases Litter Inputs and soil Organic Carbon

Global Distribution of Earthworm Diversity

Long-Term Demography and Stem Productivity of Everglades Mangrove Forests (Florida, USA): Resistance to Hurricane Disturbance

Rating Fire from the Ground Up

Development and Evaluation of Soil Moisture-Based Indices for Agricultural Drought Monitoring

Observed and Projected Snowmelt Derived Streamflow in the Rio Grande Headwaters in a Changing Climate

Climate Projections for Transportation Infrastructure Planning, Operations and Maintenance, and Design

PaCTS 1.0: A Crowdsources Reporting Standard for Paleoclimate Data

The Revolution of Crossdating in Marine Paleoecology and Paleoclimatology

Inter-Annual Hydroclimatic Variability in Coastal Tanzania

Collaborative Research Across Boundaries: Mangrove Ecosytem Services and Poverty Traps as a Coupled Natural-Human System

Development of Downscaled Climate Projections: A Case Study of the Red River Basin, South-Central U.S.

Global Divergent Responses of Primary Productivity to Water, Energy, and CO2

Changes and Regulations of Net Ecosystem CO2 Exchange Across Temporal Scales in the Alxa Desert

Acclimation and Adaptation Components of the Temperature Dependence of Plant Photosynthesis at the Global Scale

Global Photosynthetic Capacity is Optimized to the Environment

Microbial Mediated Sedimentary Phosphorus Mobilization in Emerging and Eroding Wetlands of Coastal Louisiana

Flood Hazards and Perceptions – A Comparative Study of Two Cities in Alabama

A Survey for Weather Communicators: Twitter Information Channel Preferences