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Research & Engagement

Connecting Research & Engagement

Research and knowledge development can be hampered when practitioners, policy makers and other stakeholders do not incorporate updated knowledge into their processes. The most common “bottleneck” in this process is the lack of planning by researchers to translate their results to decision makers through engagement activities or other methods. Filling this gap will enable co-dissemination of knowledge.

Our Team

Established in October 2018, the Connecting Research and Engagement Working Group has six members:

Atherton Phleger (co-lead), University of Oklahoma

Jason Furtado, University of Oklahoma

Ian Scott-Fleming, Texas Tech University

John Zak (co-lead), Texas Tech University

Tom Arsuffi, Texas Tech University

Bill Bartush, U.S. Fish and Wildlife

Our Projects

The Connecting Research and Engagement working group is seeking to identify tools and approaches by which consortium members can make their research more relevant to the needs of stakeholders and more effective in helping address critical climate related problems across the South-Central region.

As one of the proven means of connecting research and engagement, the working group has identified co-production as the focal point of our research questions as follows:

  • Do different groups require different co-production tool sets in order to be effective?
  • What co-production pedagogy exists or is needed?