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Mapping Species Distributions

Toward Mapping & Predicting Changes in Species Distributions

Environmental changes have impacted the iconic species of our region. However, many historical datasets are difficult to access, limiting our ability to target successful management practices. Though bioclimatic envelope models can suggest changes in species distribution, non-linearities in habitat structure, phenology, etc. can affect the extent to which species actually inhabit desirable areas. Thus, managers make many decisions without adequate information regarding future scenarios.


Our Team

Established in October 2018, the Mapping and Predicting Changes in Species Distributions Working Group has 11 members:

Jim Ansley (co-lead), Oklahoma State University; Todd Fagin (co-lead), University of Oklahoma; Bill Bartush, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; Rachel Fovargue, University of Oklahoma; Kerry Griffis-Kyle, Texas Tech University; Bruce Hoagland, University of Oklahoma; Robin O’Malley, North Central CASC; Victor Rivera-Monroy, Louisiana State University; Nick Smith, Texas Tech University; Lizz Waring, Texas Tech University; Heather McCarthy, University of Oklahoma

Our Projects

We are currently working a concept paper to address the challenges of ecosystem service valuation across private lands.

Research question of interest:

How are the distributions of key indicator taxa or ecological systems changing as a result of extreme climatic events?