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Understanding Uncertainty

Toward Stakeholder Understanding of Product Sensitivities & Uncertainties

Decision makers work to increase reliance in their jurisdictions through future planning, much of which uses climate products resulting from observations, modeling, and scenarios that have currently undocumented sensitivities and uncertainties. Better understanding of the roots of uncertainties in climate-related products helps to guide how (or whether) decision makers use a given product.


Our Team

Established in October 2018, the Stakeholder Understanding of Product Sensitivities and Uncertainties Working Group has eight members:

Cristina Bradatan (co-lead), Keith Dixon (co-lead), Ken Baake, Alex Haberlie, Katharine Hayhoe, David Moeser, Derek Rosendahl, Adrienne Wootten

Our Projects

Research question of interest:

How can uncertainty information enable researchers and stakeholders to work more effectively together to develop actionable, relevant, no-regrets framing of risks and vulnerabilities?