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Looking for resources on how to better train your students on the local climate in Louisiana? The documents on this page are dedicated to assisting you with tools to learn or instruct on the subject of climate, that is unique to this region.

The following presentations are designed to assist you with learning about the climate of Louisiana or as a tool for teaching. Click the following links to download:

Basics of Louisiana Climate

Here you will find a basic overview and quick details of the climate in Louisiana.

Weather & Climate Hazards

Learn about the unique weather and climate hazards most dominate in the Louisiana state.

Louisiana Climate Variability & Change

Find out more about how the climate of Louisiana varies and changes over time.

Special Topic: Coastal Flooding

Learn more about the flooding risk of Louisiana’s coast.

Louisiana Climate Tools & Data Sources

Find out where the details and information came from for the Louisiana climate.

Introduction to Louisiana Climate

This is a more in depth introduction of Louisiana climate.

A Reconstruction of Louisiana’s Past Climate

Understanding the past climate can help when planning for the future of Louisiana.

Special Topic: Coastal Land Loss

Get informed on Louisiana’s risk for coastal erosion from the Gulf of Mexico.

Integrating Knowledge & Information

A “how-to” on using the information for decision making and planning.

Louisiana Climate Vulnerability Assessment

Learn which aspects in Louisiana are most at risk as the climate varies.