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Job Postings

Post-Doctoral Research Position (University of Alaska)

Where: Fairbanks, AK

Description: Climate change is occurring more rapidly in the Arctic than any region on earth and the impacts of this change are being felt by Indigenous peoples as well as throughout a range of societal sectors including wildfire management. Recent scholarship suggests that boundary spanning, translational ecology, and the process of knowledge co-production are effective in bridging the gap between science and decision-making and calls for building capacity by developing processes for effective evaluation and for training boundary spanning professionals. Those interested in the following topics are encouraged to apply: 1) Actions, processes, and mechanisms for use-inspired science. 2) Metrics of success in knowledge co-production. 3) Scientist and practitioner training in knowledge co-production and boundary spanning.

Application Directions:

To apply, submit CV, contact information for three references, and a cover letter to Sarah.Trainor@alaska.edu with “Post-Doc Application” in the subject line.  The cover letter should include: 1) A description of the candidate’s PhD research; 2) A discussion of the candidate’s research interests and experience relevant to one or more of the numbered research areas listed above; 3) A discussion of the candidate’s research interests and experience relevant to one or more of the bulleted topical areas listed above; 4) A brief proposed plan for investigating one or more of the research areas listed above. This should include the data collection and analysis methods with which you are experienced and familiar as well as possible additional methods you have an interest in learning.

Proposals & Grants

Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Funding

The Bureau of Indian Affairs is pleased to announce the availability of funding through the Tribal Resilience Program. This will provide funding for tribal activities that support tribal resilience and/or ocean and coastal management planning. The program will give Tribes the opportunity to incorporate the science (including Traditional Knowledge) and technical information to prepare for extreme events, harmful environmental trends that impact tribal treaty, trust resources, economies, infrastructure, and human health and welfare.

DEADLINE: June 10, 2019

To learn more about this opportunity and apply, click here.

NASA Oklahoma EPSCoR Travel Grants

Four Competitively Selected Travel Grant Awards selected by NASA Oklahoma EPSCoR Committee:
•  Up to $3,000 award
•  Funds for faculty to spend up to three days and two nights visiting with NASA scientists to explore research collaborations and forge a direct partnership at NASA Centers and NASA Mission Directorates
•  Faculty may include student researchers in travel
•  Research must align with NASA Strategic Plan 2018


NASA Travel Grants

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