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Job Postings

Post-Doc Opportunity

Summary: Funding is available for a two year (with potential for a third year) postdoctoral research position in the Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management (NREM) at Oklahoma State University. This position is funded through the South Central Climate Adaptation Science Center (SC-CASC) and will address research questions related to mapping and predicting climate change effects on habitats and species distributions in the southcentral United States. Application review process will begin on October 2, 2019. For more information and to apply for this position click here.

Helpful Resources

Fall deadlines for various scholarships and graduate fellowships are rapidly approaching! Check any of these out to make sure you’re up to date on all applications you may be interested in. Undergraduate Scholarships — 30+ opportunities from a variety of private and federal funders for students pursuing STEM. Graduate Funding for Masters Students — 40+ funding opportunities for Masters-level students in STEM Graduate Funding for PhD Students — 40+ funding opportunities including funding from NSF, NASA, and NIH. Also here are some nice resources on how to build a strong application.

University of California Project Scientist

Summary: The University of California’s Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources department is seeking to hire a Project Scientist who will develop locally relevant, climate-based agriculture decision support systems. This job posting will close October 25, 2019. For more information and to apply, click here.

Postdoctoral and Post Bachelors Research Opportunities

Summary: The Joint Global Change Research Institute (JGCRI) of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has one or more openings for a Post-Bachelor Research Associate and a Post-Doctoral Research Associate to work on multi-disciplinary research that advances fundamental understanding of Earth-human system interactions. This position will focus on supporting research on the interactions between air pollutants with the earth system, earth and human system modeling, and interactions between Earth system changes and the human system.

Post-Bachelors RA — College Park, Maryland. For further details and where to apply, click here. Post-Doctoral RA — College Park, Maryland. For Further details and where to apply, click here.

Communications and Outreach Manager

Summary: The Northeast Climate Adaptation Science Center is seeking applicants for a full time Communications and Outreach Manager located at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The primary goals of the NE CASC communications program are to: 1. Facilitate science communication of NE CASC climate adaptation science, information, assessments, and tools to support management of natural and cultural resources under changing climate conditions. 2. Create and share effective communication products that translate NE CASC climate adaptation science and inform the scientific and management community.

Communications and Outreach Manager — University of Massachusetts Amherst, MA. For further details and where to apply, follow the link below: http://careers.umass.edu/amherst/en-us/job/501367/research-assistant-search

Postdoctoral Opportunity (University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA)

Summary: This is an exciting opportunity to couple cutting-edge approaches of translational ecology and knowledge coproduction with the strengths of decision science to investigate a national strategy for Department of Interior operationalization of climate change refugia conservation. The postdoctoral fellow will 1. Lead national workshops so that refugia research can be incorporated to reduce uncertainty and improve management; and 2. Lead regional workshops focused that function as case studies; and 3. Write a synthetic paper for peer-reviewed publication taking a national view of how climate change refugia can be identified and managed.

Postdoctoral Opportunity — University of Massachusetts Amherst, MA. For further details and where to apply, follow the link below: https://www.climaterefugia.org/postdoc

Postdoctoral Research Position (University of Alaska)

Where: Fairbanks, AK

Description: Climate change is occurring more rapidly in the Arctic than any region on earth and the impacts of this change are being felt by Indigenous peoples as well as throughout a range of societal sectors including wildfire management. Recent scholarship suggests that boundary spanning, translational ecology, and the process of knowledge co-production are effective in bridging the gap between science and decision-making and calls for building capacity by developing processes for effective evaluation and for training boundary spanning professionals. Those interested in the following topics are encouraged to apply: 1) Actions, processes, and mechanisms for use-inspired science. 2) Metrics of success in knowledge co-production. 3) Scientist and practitioner training in knowledge co-production and boundary spanning.

Application Directions:

To apply, submit CV, contact information for three references, and a cover letter to Sarah.Trainor@alaska.edu with “Post-Doc Application” in the subject line.  The cover letter should include: 1) A description of the candidate’s PhD research; 2) A discussion of the candidate’s research interests and experience relevant to one or more of the numbered research areas listed above; 3) A discussion of the candidate’s research interests and experience relevant to one or more of the bulleted topical areas listed above; 4) A brief proposed plan for investigating one or more of the research areas listed above. This should include the data collection and analysis methods with which you are experienced and familiar as well as possible additional methods you have an interest in learning.

Proposals & Grants

2019 Research Fellowship Funding Opportunity

Summary: The partners of the Second Century Stewardship: Science for America’s National Parks announce the availability of Research Fellowships to support research in Acadia National Park. The Research Fellows will conduct research to help realize the vision of national parks as living laboratories, tellers of science narratives, and exemplars of using science to manage natural and cultural resources and enrich visitor, local, community, and employee experiences. Up to $20,000 is available for funding and fellowships may extend one to two years. To apply, click here. This application will close October 30, 2019.

Coping with Drought Funding Opportunity

Summary: The National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS) is seeking proposals through the Coping With Drought grant program to improve our understanding and use of (1) drought indicators, thresholds, and triggers, and (2) drought impact reporting to inform more deliberate and expanded decision-making to prepare for and respond to drought. Letters of intent (LOIs) are due by 5:00 p.m. ET on August 23, 2019. Full applications for all competitions must be received by 5:00 p.m. ET on October 28, 2019.

NIDIS Grant Proposal link: https://cpo.noaa.gov/Funding-Opportunities/FY-2020-Notice-of-Funding-Opportunity

WaterSMART Funding Opportunity

Summary: Reclamation has released a new WaterSMART Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) to support Drought Resiliency Projects in FY 2020 and FY 2021. This new two-year FOA supports Drought Resiliency Projects that will build long-term resilience to drought and reduce the need for emergency actions. Funding is available in two categories: Group I: Up to $300,000 in Federal funds per agreement for activities completed within two years. Group II: Up to $750,000 in Federal funds per agreement for larger or more complex activities completed within three years. Projects will be funded on an annual basis and funding for the second and third years of the project is contingent upon future appropriations. FY 2020 Applications are due October 16, 2019, 4 p.m. MDT. FY 2021 Applications are due October 14, 2020, 4:00 p.m. MDT.

WaterSMART Funding Opportunity link: https://us.vocuspr.com/ViewAttachment.aspx?EID=4r96%2fvMiOK0zw3Pt1XWg9Og%2bzg%2f6I43ARzyEMU8CWrY%3d

Climate Program Office Funding Opportunity

Summary: The Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Oceanic and Atmospheric Research, and the Climate Program Office has announced a new funding opportunity for FY2020. In FY20, approximately $13 million will be available for approximately 90 new awards pending budget appropriations. It is anticipated that most awards will be at a funding level between $50,000 and $300,000 per year with exceptions for larger awards. For more information on deadlines, how and where to submit, click on the following link below.

WaterSMART Funding Opportunity link: https://cpo.noaa.gov/Funding-Opportunities/FY-2020-Notice-of-Funding-Opportunity#NOFOGlance

NASA Oklahoma EPSCoR Travel Grants

Four Competitively Selected Travel Grant Awards selected by NASA Oklahoma EPSCoR Committee:
•  Up to $3,000 award
•  Funds for faculty to spend up to three days and two nights visiting with NASA scientists to explore research collaborations and forge a direct partnership at NASA Centers and NASA Mission Directorates
•  Faculty may include student researchers in travel
•  Research must align with NASA Strategic Plan 2018

LINK:NASA Travel Grants

Additional Information:NASA Area of Interest

WaterSMART Title XVI Water Reclamation and Reuse Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA)

Reclamation has released a new Water SMART Title XVI Water Reclamation and Reuse Funding Opportunity Announcement to support research that address water supply challenges by establishing or expanding the use of water reclamation and reuse, improving existing water reuse facilities, and/or streamlining the implementing of state-of-the-art technology for new facilities.

LINK: WaterSMART Title XVI Grant

Additional Information: Applications are due September 23, 2019, 4:00 p.m. MDT

It is estimated that up to $3,000,000 will be available, and up to 5 to 12 awards, depending on the amount requested by each applicant.

Classes & Training

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Training Announcement

Summary: The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has announced an 8 week online course, Climate Academy ALC 3193, designed to cover the fundamentals of climate science, provide an overview of tools and resources for climate adaptation, and increase climate literacy and communication skills. Natural resource and conservation professionals are encouraged to enroll, this course is also suitable for individuals or group participation. The class begins on January 8, 2020 and ends in March 2020. Click here for more information!

Registration link: https://training.fws.gov/ (Search for “Climate Academy”) Registration closes on November 1, 2019.