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Perks of Becoming an Affiliate

A South Central CASC Affiliate is a person whose professional activity, including research or education, contributes to our mission of collaboratively developing science and tools that address the impacts of climate change on natural and cultural resources. Some benefits of becoming a South Central CASC Affiliate include:

  • Opportunities to network with a multi-disciplinary group of regional climate adaptation leaders with an invitation to the annual South Central CASC Science Workshop.
  • A listing on the South Central CASC website with a description of research interests.
  • Potential for your work to be featured on our website, our social media outlets, and/or our monthly newsletter.

Interested in becoming part of our South Central CASC Affiliate Program? Candidates for the Affiliate Program may nominate themselves by submitting a paragraph of interest and providing a copy of their latest CV to info@southcentralclimate.org.

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